Previous Research Projects

Women in Community Supported Agriculture: The Underlining of Archaic Gender Roles in Humboldt County

Wiyot Tribe and the Cultural Revitalization After the Return to Indian Island

Federal Policy Effects and Time Analysis of Pre-Contact Tribal Lands and Changes Through the Federal Buy-Back Land Program in California

China: Economic Neocolonialism? China’s Engagement in Africa

The Revival of the Red Sea: An Analysis of Sino-US Relations
The San Andreas Fault: Predicting the Big One

Current Research Projects​

The Face of Oil: An Identity Revelation of the North Dakota Oil Boom Migrant Workers

Oil Boom Boys - Documentary in collaboration with photojournalist, Chris Rusanowsky. 

Roza Calderon is an independent, research geographer in the fields of both the physical and cultural geography. Her degrees in the studies of Geography, Geospatial Science, Social Science, and Natural Sciences, make for well rounded analysis and reporting.  

She has years of experience in GIS, research, environmental policy and planning. She earned her Bachelors (Geography and Geospatial Sciences) from Humboldt University. Because every situation is unique and every area is its own, every project is researched in depth and with a variation of methodologies. 

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